Insights & Outsights

Psychotherapy, Counselling & Workshop Facilitation.
“Expand your potential through exploration of mind and nature.”

De-Bugging & Balance with our Buggy Mentors

Insights & Outsights provides counselling, workshop facilitation & wellness services through the new kids therapy fun program, The Good, The Bad & The Buggy.

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Entomica and Insights-Outsights has created an interactive & experiential kids therapy fun program to learn about identifying, tracking and reducing anxious thinking habits; de-bugging our relationships, our habits and our lives with helpful hints from our buggy mentors.

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All Can Benefit

Parents/caregivers, children, adolescents or teens may benefit from this fun and unique programming.

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Reduce Anxiety & Depression

Targets ways to reduce anxiety, problematic behaviours, reduce stress and depression; improve coping strategies, and develop good conflict resolution skills.

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Natural Environment

Designed to take therapy out of the office and into natural environments away from clinical settings which may create stigma.


Our Clinical Services

  • Anxiety & depression care
  • Crisis & trauma response
  • Relationship and Intimacy issues
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Workshop Facilitation (nature-based, wellness)
  • Research & Development of customized workshops to suit the specific needs of your agency
  • Clinical hypnotherapy