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Research supports the benefits of nature-based therapy to improve wellness and stabilize emotions.

The Good The Bad & The Buggy is a 6 week, Cognitive Behavioural, nature-based wellness program created by Insight & Outsights, and presented in collaboration with Entomica Insectarium. It offers a fun experience to explore buggy feelings, and create ways to de-bug our thought patterns. By taking therapy out of clinical settings, we can de-stigmatize the process for kids, encourage participation, and nurture transformative growth. Human metamorphosis is possible!

Sometimes our head may be buzzing like a bee-hive! visiting insect mentors teach us ways to develop peace, balance and resilience in our modern chaotic environment.

Balancing the Good Bad & The Buggy

Learning new ways to cope in a chaotic and challenging world of technology and social distancing; replacing stress and anxiety with a positive mindset which creates positive change.

Key Activities

Recognizing emotions – positive and negative; understanding physiological responses to emotion; self-care: relaxation and breathing skills, coping mechanisms, dealing with challenging situations – bullying, relationship skills; organizational skills, strategic journaling, short/long term goals.


The Good

Focusing on our strengths: what we do well, our support systems, building strong family units, developing healthy lifestyles and positive self-talk.


The Bad

Recognizing our emotions, negative self-talk patterns and core beliefs.


The Buggy

Challenge behaviours which create a downward spiral; Develop skills to highlight the strengths; learn coping strategies for negative behaviours.

Program Options

6 week program may be purchased online for facilitation in your agency or location; price includes 6 – 2 hour program modules in video format presented in 15 minute easy-to-present segments; consultation and support services for facilitators; assessment and psycho-educational tools, facilitator guide, participant guide

Post Program Support Services

  • 1-1 counselling
  • Kids Anti Anxiety Workbook – “Exterminate Buggy Thinking”

COMING SOON - Kids Anti-Anxiety APP

Kids will have coping at their fingertips with the Good the Bad & The Buggy APP. Functions include:

  • BUG-O-METER – Daily check-in to determine anxiety levels through Q&A with score results
  • COPING MECHANISMS - Our buggy friends share their secret coping strategies to develop balance and inner peace
  • BREATHE LIKE A BUG -  Learning about the importance of breathing and developing techniques for deep yoga breathing
  • GAMES – For relaxation: Our buggy friends lead us through jungle adventures of relaxation
  • BUGGY BLOG - A monitored blog where kids can log in to discuss their buggy feelings and learn from peers who understand
  • BEDDY BYE WITH THE BUGS –  Gentle relaxation music provided by the crickets, cicadas and our nature choir
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