Kick the Butt: Quit Smoking

Participants must be in the “Action” stage with the commitment to put focus and energy into finally quitting. Without personal resolve, no program or technique will be successful. You hold the personal power to success. Choose the best path for a healthy & rewarding lifestyle.

Weight Loss Warriors

Win the battle with the help of Clinical Hypnosis, psychotherapy and nutritional strategies offered by registered professionals. Weight Loss Warriors is a 2 part clinical group which offers unique strategies for weight loss by understanding the brain/weight loss connection which can lead to emotional eating, bingeing, out of control eating habits. With the added strength of personal insight and clinical hypnotherapy, you will gain power over your eating habits. Through positive body imagery and recognition of personal strength you will experience improved self-regulation and mindfulness to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Wellness Warriors: Power Over Pain

“A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age.” Six weeks to better coping, understanding, and managing chronic pain. We can help patients adapt to pain by developing their personalized goals & strategies to cope better with pain. Wellness Warriors provides comprehensive pain management education.

Each session provides personalized support and therapy through listening, talking, exploring options as a group. A weekly activity/success review will help patients remain clearly focused on their pain goals, and weekly revision of the strategies that are working, or those that are not, and what needs to change in their individual attack on pain. Weekly movement and mindfulness activities will help provide additional techniques for long term management of pain.

Grief and Loss

Exploration of the emotional and spiritual experiences on our grief journey; develop understanding and coping with death in many forms.

The Science of Happiness

Neuro-scientific evidence that helps us understand the power of “CHOOSING” happiness over despair, and the dynamic changes that can result.

Workshops Services Overview

  • Psychotherapy, counselling
  • Clinical hypnotherapy
  • Nature-based psycho-educational workshops and learning experiences to meet the mental health needs of individuals and agencies